The key remit of the foundation is to pool funding from people and businesses who love the Ionians, as we do, and to distribute those funds to effective and deserving local environmental initiatives.

Where necessary we will be involved in developing a project or programme with the aim that it is run sustainably by local initiatives in the medium to long-term.

Eligible projects and campaigns must contribute to protecting, sustaining, restoring and raising awareness of the islands’ natural environment, as well as to promote and work on sustainable ways of living and operating.

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Our people

A Steering Committee (SC), comprising of founding and actively involved donors, directs the strategy. They analyse and approve grants and use their personal networks to broaden the base of supporters. The SC members have a wide array of backgrounds and interests but all share a passion for the environmental protection of the Ionian islands.

Our local team consists of one person as the local Executive Director in charge of day-to-day management and coordination work on the ground, assisted by advisors and the SC.

And of course, we are eternally grateful to our supporters for their contribution to the IEF  by way of financial donation and/or time!


  • Costas Kaloudis

    Executive Director

    Costas has been appointed as the local executive director of the IEF. He is the person on the ground, mandated to work across the Ionian Islands on behalf of the IEF. He is an environmentalist and has worked with environmental organisations in Europe. Born and raised in Corfu, he is passionate about nature, the Ionian Islands and sustainability transitions.


How we work

The funds we raise are only to be distributed to projects across the islands and the Ionian Sea (as well as to cover our costs).

Having identified the core issues that need to be addressed in the Ionian Islands and Sea, we have focused on some core themes.

The executive director is doing the work on the ground and is the person to contact if you want to find out more and to work with for an idea or to get guidance about developing a proposal.